bi-fold A5

What is 411 (or the 'Making Disciple Makers Map') ?

Submitted by Macka on Sun, 06/12/2022 - 23:32
The “4 1 1” or “Making Disciple Makers Map” exercise is one tool that is available to help new disciples grow in their identity and spread the good news to people they care about. It can help them break through either a ‘confidence problem’ or a ‘simple strategy’ for sharing the good news they have received with their friends and family. Not every disciple will need a tools like this. If properly modelled to them the only thing you may have to do is to stand back and not get in their way!

This Carpenter ... bi-fold A5 tract

Description: Humorous eye catching picture and caption - great for getting to the heart of the matter: 

"What is the image you have of Jesus?
How much of that is based on the historical evidence?
What do u think about Jesus?"

A clear "Peter Package" (Acts 2:37-38) Gospel presentation at the end.


Tips, Tricks & Start-ups when using this Tract:  Sometimes i just lead with this picture and ask; "Who do you think this is?"