Meet God at Home
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    IYKDWYHABDYWKGWYHABG...                If you keep doing what you have always been doing, you will keep getting what you have always been getting!                How many people will hear the Gospel today in your area?                In China 192 people die every minute without ever knowing God...                Approximately 400 Australians die each day. 380 of those people will never know God. That is 17 people per hour, every day!                Or in another way: Four died in the time it took you to eat your toast and have a cup of coffee this morning! .........                How many apples are on a typical apple tree?...                How many Trees can you get out of a single apple?                You can be that apple that starts multiple generations of trees. Thousands of apples that could all start a forest!                Have you eaten today? That is: Have you fed on the word of God today? What blessing did He tell you? What is His plan for you today?     S.O.S...     What did the passage Say?     How can we Obey?     Who can you Share this passage with today?                How many people will hear the Gospel today in your area?                Home Page News Flashes Our Beliefs Our Mission Our Methods Our Locations so far Some Useful Tools Contact Page Search Engines Prayer Points Website Help





Below is the last advertisement that we ran in the local newspaper if you're curious about us:


Breaking the Chains

Feel like you could never walk into a church?
Looking for a way back to God but can’t find the map?
Feel like you can never be good enough for God to accept you?
Never really understood who God was or what the Bible was all about?
Can't get to a church or don't have the time to get there?
Maybe you have the view that all Christians are hypocrites?
It may all sound good but you don't see any evidence of it in their lives?


What it is NOT about!

It is not about how good you are!
You don't have to go to see God in a building on a Sunday or dress up!
It is not about how good a reader or singer you are! It is not about appearances!


What it is in a Nutshell!

He will meet YOU where you are! Right now, just as you are! He has already done all the hard work for you. His Son has already paid for your admission price. You only have to accept his free ticket.

The Bible has some real down to earth answers to help you get back on your feet but it is much more than that. The Bible teaches you about yourself and God.

A quick summary of the Bible is that we were meant to live in a perfect relationship with God but it all went wrong. Left alone, it will only all end badly. You are on the wrong bus, you have to get off and change buses but it doesn’t leave it there. It tells us how it can all be fixed like it was supposed to be. Someone has already paid for your new bus fare and entrance fee.


It also tells us 3 simple rules that will make life here better:

   1. Put God first in your life.
   2. Love everyone as you should love yourself.
   3. Go and tell someone you know who is hurting or struggling how you turned
       your life around.


It’s that simple and you can do all this in your home, local coffee shop or even your favourite pub. Best of all you don’t have to do it alone. There are people out here who are willing to put their neck out and try and help you. You just have to ask.

Who is God really? He is the Creator of Everything. Your loving Father... the perfect Father!


Want to find out more?


Mobile Phone Application:
This is a prototype mobile version of the AIM Bookmark with other tools to follow.




As our name implies we will be showing you how you can actually find that there is a God and meet him
ANYWHERE you are right now.


We will be building this site as quickly as we can but we are focusing our efforts on actual people not the website so please be patient with us.


Please contact us if you want to know more we don't bite!


God Bless

from the Crew at Meet God at Home.


(Part of the AIM Australia CPM Project. )