What is 411 (or the 'Making Disciple Makers Map') ?

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411 discipleship

The “4 1 1” or “Making Disciple Makers Map” exercise is one tool that is available to help new disciples grow in their identity and spread the good news to people they care about. It can help them break through either a ‘confidence problem’ or develop a ‘simple strategy’ for sharing the good news they have received with their friends and family. Not every disciple will need a tool like this.  If properly modelled to them the only thing you may have to do is to stand back and not get in their way!  As stated, not everyone needs a tool in this form and it does have some pros and cons.


  • It gives a disciple a clear strategy of how to reach their people group (Oikos).  It leads them by the nose if they just don't know where to start.

  • The tool is a very neat package that encases everything in one booklet. It is simple and only has four parts.

  • It can be done within an hour.


  • It may have the wrong focus.  Although it is very specific on time constraints it could be tighter on discipleship identity, direction and constraints.   What exactly is an "Ambassador"?  Who was Paul to a brand new disciple that has just heard the Gospel for the first time?  What is the "New Testament" or "letters"?   A stronger, very specific, and recursive command from their new Lord and Saviour may carry more weight.  Such a command could be Matthew 28:18-20 perhaps.

  • The title “4 1 1” has a very specific common meaning known only to persons familiar with the United States of America. An alternative name for elsewhere in the world may be required. (EG: Making Disciple Makers Map)

  • It may not be so reproducible as some other methods as it requires some fairly cheap materials.

  • It assumes a level of literacy.  It assumes how a person is geared to learn.

  • It breaks the “Just Enough and Just in Time” rule. It may overwhelm some new disciples depending on their personality type, concentration and confidence. 

  • Most people groups around the world are "Task" orientated or "People" orientated in their culture.  This is "Time" based a Western Trait.  Furthermore it is very restrictive or prescriptive in nature forcing people to nominate an exact time and number. 

  • It leaves little room for the Holy Spirit to re-schedule people and time.   It in some ways restricts people to do just what is on  the plan.  (Ying Kai's "farmer" for example did not need 411 and he far exceeded the prescriptions listed in the 4 steps.)

Alternatives to the tool:

  • The key to successful discipleship is the MAWL principal.  If you properly model  and then practice with them the whole process you have just used on them, you will find that they will be keen to do that to someone else if you strike while the iron is hot!  If you make sure that you set the DNA from the very start it will fix most of your future potential problems.

  •  You can still achieve everything by breaking down the steps and taking the disciple through them one at a time during the last third of the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 normal sessions. Since a whole session is encouraged to be done under an hour the last practical training part is only a bite size of about 20 minutes. This method has a tried and tested history of two decades at least. Each of the 4 parts can be tailored to the disciple’s oikos needs.  

A Walk Through of the Methodology 

(Please refer to the actual 411 tool as we go through this together.  You can get the tool from our toolbox or from this shortcut link)



Help a new disciple map out the answers to 4 questions: Why, Who, How & When.


Blank A4 paper, pencils & a Bible.




 would like to help you map an easy plan to share with your friends and family what has happened to you and help them see that they can follow your example too.  We are going to map out your answers to four important questions: Why, Who, How & When.



Take the paper and fold it in half (fold in half lengthwise to make a A5 booklet).


 On the first page in the top left hand corner write:

"1. WHY?"

Centred below that write:


Have the new disciple read the scripture reference out aloud and then do an SOS study on it.

Ask them “What two things does this verse show us about our identity in Christ?”

In the centre of the page under the scripture reference write "Identity" 

Draw the Cross down the middle of the page.

If they need any further prompting write "v.17"& "v.21" either side of the cross.

Draw the 

shiny stick person representing “a new creation” on the left had side of the cross.

Draw the globe representing going into the whole world as Christ’s “ambassador”.

(Alternatively - Matt.28:18-20 can be used. Advantages = words of Christ & the on-going multiplication of making disciple makers)


 On top of the second page, on the left hand side write:

"2. WH0?  Oikos Map/list"

Have the new disciple write down a list of family, friends and anyone that they have frequent or meaningful integrations with.

Indicate their receptivity as far as the disciple is aware of by colour coding their names.  Like a traffic light put dots beside their names.

Colour code names with to show perceived openness to The Gospel where Red = Stop/hostile, Orange = unknown or proceed with caution, Green =  they open to spiritual matters and or seeking God already.

Get the new disciple to answer the question ”Who’s the ONE person that I can share with today?” review daily (also give permission to do more than one a day)



 On top of the third page, on the left hand side write: 

3. H0W? 


Under that and in the Centre of the page write:

10 Sec. Testimony

Under that, on the left hand side write:


I was:

Next draw the Cross in the centre of the page next to the "I was"

Next on the Right Hand Side of the cross write:

Now I am:

Help the new disciple to pick out some words that descript how they were before following Christ and After. Get them to write them down in their columns.  Get them to practice telling you their 10 Second Testimony until they are comfortable.  Most people role play out talking to their short list from the previous page.  EG: Five times for five people with you playing the role of each person as best as you can.


Once you have equipped them  to do their testimony you can train them in sharing the 3 Circles gospel receptivity tool.  

Below their 10 Second Testimony in the centre of the page write:


3 Circles


Train the new Disciple in this tool.


 On the top left hand side of the fourth page write:

4. WHEN?

In this section of the exercise the mentor encourages the new disciple to actually nominate when they are going to pray each day for the people on their Oikos list.  


Furthermore they can nominate exactly when they are going to attempt to connect with at least the first person on their list but hopefully all of the people on their short list of 5 to 10 friends.  


This section helps the new Disciple make "SMART" goals.  (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based/Tick-able, Evaluate-able & Reviewable)  Writing them down helps them to be shared and reviewed with others who can share that journey with them. (Perhaps make optional depending on personality type/levels of self-motivation/discipline)



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