Partnerships & Donations

If you like what we are trying to do but are unable to help us physically you may wish to help us by giving some support in other areas like prayer, logistics or financial support. All of us are volunteers, paying most of the costs out of our own pockets as well as the physical work.

If you are considering helping us in an area like prayer or logistics then please contact us and let us know.

If you wish to partner with us financially still contact us so that we can share with you what your contributions are helping to achieve and then have a look at the links below to subscribe or donate.

If you have benefited from our services in the past and are one of our network partners please consider giving something back.


Financial Partnerships:


This money goes directly where it is needed such as consumables like bibles, fuel, etc. Or like infrastructure like this web server and domain name registration, etc.... There are none of the usual corporate overheads! Real people, ordinary people, helping to achieve extraordinary goals of growing the Kingdom. We have had the privilege to help the Kingdom touch countries from around the world at no cost to them. Help us keep going please.

You can pay by credit card via a secure point of sale check-out run by (Square keeps 2% and that is the only overheads that does not hit the ground and the actual people doing the job. We use these financial institutions to protect you the donor!)

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